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15 Best Solar Gate Opener in 2022 (Review)

As we transition into the hi-tech age, we are using increasingly sophisticated and modern electronic devices, including charge controllers. This means that we are becoming increasingly dependent on technologies and power. For instance, to gain access to our homes and property more efficiently, automated doors will be able to open when the need arises.

We may also encounter situations in which our automatic door cannot be opened due to an accident cut-off in power. To prevent such issues manufacturers start to develop solar gate openers that are powered by sunlight.

There is a possibility that you are looking for the perfect solar gate opener but aren't sure how about how to choose the best one. There are numerous options and details available, which could cost lots of time to choose a suitable one. Well, don't worry. We've got our top choices for the best solar gate openers that will help you select the ideal one.

  • Cost-effective. Solar energy is cost-free, so you don't need to fret about huge electricity bills.
  • Eco-friendly. Because a solar gate opener depends on the sun's energy and solar energy, you're helping the environment.
  • Excellent alternatives for areas that are remote. If you tend to experience power interruptions or reside in a remote location and require solar gate openers that are solar-powered, they're an ideal choice since they don't rely on power.
  • Simple maintenance. Solar gate openers for solar are durable and do not require any maintenance. Installation is also easy and you won't have to fret about wiring.
  • Dependent on sunlight. Since solar gate openers depend on the sun's energy, their performance can be hindered by cloudy weather conditions.

Best Solar Gate Opener Reviews 2022

Ghost Controls TSS1XP Solar Gate Opener

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Ghost Controls is one of the most popular U.S. brands that offer high-quality and innovative best solar gate openers that can close heavy gates. This TSS1XP Solar gate opener has many of the standard features offered by the brand, including DIY installation, the SafeForce feature, and a lifetime warranty.

It is strong enough to open gates that are up to 20 inches in width and weighs up to 990 pounds. It has a remote with three buttons. With it, you will be able to manage three gates. They can be controlled within the range of 1,000 feet.

It's equipped with the company's Patent-Pending SafeForce as well as GhostCode technology. The SalesForce technology reduces the force that the gate can be opened to safeguard the gate from harm. The GhostCode technology permits just authorized remote transmitters as well as sensor systems to regulate your gate. It safeguards your automated system from hacks and unauthorized access.

The controller is powered by 12-volt batteries. It is not necessary to have the expert knowledge to set up this system. You can do it yourself by making use of the tube gate brackets included in the kit. You will need to fix the brackets onto your gate and connect the controller onto the bracket.

One of the great things concerning this particular product is that it has a lifetime guarantee. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on the majority of its products. The lifetime guarantee is only valid for motors and gearboxes.

  • Gates can be controlled with weights up to 900 lbs.
  • Good range of 1000 feet.
  • salesforce feature allows you to control the gate force
  • GhostCode feature is designed to safeguard the system from hacks and data breaches.
  • Remote is simple to operate and allows you to manage up to 3 gates
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Lifetime guarantee on the motor and gear assembly
  • The feature is not waterproof or dust resistant. feature.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Solar Gate Openers

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Ghost Controls is one of the American leaders in the design and manufacturing of the gate automation market. What makes them different from other brands is that these solar gate openers are solar-powered and work under DC low voltage in environments where no AC power is available.

The Ghost Controls TDS2XP one of the best solar gate openers have been designed especially for dual agricultural or tubular style gates. Moreover, the system features two operator arms, one with a 6’ cable and the second one with a 30’ cable. Also, the solar gate opener includes two standard 3-button remote transmitters to activate the device.

The solar dual solar gate opener works independently by using a 10-watt monocrystalline solar panel (without diodes) including its mounting hardware, brackets, and fasteners. This PV module charges a 12V battery (not included) which allows for a daily charge of the energy storage device.

Multiple optional accessories are available for the Ghost Controls TDS2XP heavy-duty solar gate opener, such as the ABBT-2 battery box kit (includes two 12V 7Ah batteries) that has been specially designed to avoid potential acid leaks that could damage the electric gate system. A wireless keypad, a 5-button remote, and a wired vehicle exit wand can also be added to your purchase.

This solar gate opener will work for maximum gate weights up to 900 lbs. and lengths up to 20 feet.

Ghost Controls TDS2XP Specifications
  • Multiple accessories – convenient
  • Included-installation hardware and fasteners- easy to install
  • Boxes for batteries that can be locked to prevent acid leaks
  • The operation is quiet and quick. user-friendly
  • Ideal for gates of different types wide range of use
  • There is no battery to purchase batteries separately
  • No brackets that open by pushing – no extra cash

Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Automatic Gate Operator

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Mighty Mule is another famous and well-known manufacturer that makes high-quality gates that open with solar energy. It also has amazing solar gate openers, which have an excellent reputation in the market. The most notable include The Mighty Mule EZGO solar gate opener which is a single gate opener that can be used for gates as long as 16 feet long, or the weight of 550 pounds.

This model was designed specifically for residential gates and it is compatible with all gates, including ornamental, tube chain link, panels vinyl, and wooden gates. This model can meet different requirements and be in the top tier. So there are no limitations in the selection of fittings.

Additionally, the opener comes with an integrated solar panel of 5 watts which is perfect for use with an automotive or marine 12V type battery, but the battery isn't included. Additionally, after the opener has been fully recharged, the battery can conserve the remaining power using the backup cycle of 145, which allows the solar gate opener to operate effectively.

Additionally, the unit is equipped with two remotes that allow you to control the gate from a distance, for instance, if you sit in your car, you will be able to operate the opener easily using this feature. Additionally, the solar gate opener is simple to set up yourself using the instructions and kits included.

However, there's a chance of an issue, as well. The solar gate opener may be damaged by rain since it's not waterproof.

In conclusion, even though it does not have water resistance, it's still a great option particularly for novices, since it is simple to put in and can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Mighty Mule EZGO-Solar Specifications
  • Kits are plentiful and easy to use.
  • Easy installation and simple
  • Energy efficiency be used to store energy
  • Two remote controls – user-friendly
  • Ideal for various gates. Wide range of applications
  • A waterproof is not guaranteed and could be destroyed by rain
  • Slowly, but in the context of expectations

Mighty Mule MM560 Solar Powered Gate Opener Kit

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If you're in search of one solar gate opener, there's another option available. MM560 is another fantastic solar gate opener made by Mighty Mule. It's designed to work with strong-duty single swing gates that are up to 18 feet in length or a maximum weight of 850lbs.


The first thing to note is that the device comes with a DVD for installation with specific instructions and 24-hour technical assistance. With these products, users can set up the solar gate opener solar themselves with little effort, or hire professionals. You can also call the experts whenever you need help.

Furthermore, the innovative MM560 is equipped with exclusive Dual sense technology which complies with UL325 6th edition Standards to provide additional security and protection. Furthermore, it features a one-button remote that allows you to turn on the opener from a distance.

Solar power can be used in a variety of ways and is efficient. It comes with the option of the Mighty Mule 5-watt Solar Panel or the 10-watt solar panel. Additionally, the user can charge the opener using an AC transformer, which is paired with the FM150 12V and 7Ah battery made by the company. The opener comes with a control box that includes all the necessary hardware needed for the installation.

The model however does not work as efficiently on rainy days or when there's no sunshine. This is why it's more appropriate for those who live in sun-filled areas.

In the end, this is the perfect model to purchase due to its excellent functions and has a couple of flaws.

Mighty Mule MM560 Specifications
Mighty Mule MM560 Installation Video

  • Heavy-duty- weight-tolerant
  • Easy installation and simple
  • Dual sense technology – more secure and protective
  • User-friendly remote control
  • Ideal for various gatesWide range of use
  • There is no battery management and charges are high on rainy days
  • Support for tech is poor and does not meet the expectations

Mighty Mule MM562 Heavy Duty Automatic Gate Opener

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If you own a dual swing gate then you should take an eye on this model. Contrary to the earlier mentioned Mighty Mule products, MM562 is specifically designed for dual swing gates in residential settings. It's also very durable capable of enduring the highest weight of 800 pounds with a maximum length of 18 feet. If your home has big doors, give it a chance to test it.

Although the solar gate opener is designed to work with a dual swing gate, it's suitable for a variety of gates, such as ornamental chain links, tube panels, vinyl, and wooden gates. The wide variety of compatible gates makes this model suitable for homes with a majority of residents.

Regarding installation, this solar gate opener includes all the necessary components to put it in place. It comes with a control box that includes the necessary hardware as well as an in-depth installation guide with an accompanying DVD. Additionally, owners have access to avail unlimited access to technical assistance. Even if you're new to the field installing the opener, you will still be able to set up the opener in a successful manner. If you encounter any issues with the opener, just call the number provided.

In addition, the product is equipped with a one-button remote and it also comes with an AC transformer, as well as a 12V7A battery. This means you won't need to pay extra for the transformer and battery. The button remote can be used to open the gate from yards away, which makes it flexible and easy.

However, there are a few flaws. It, for instance, does not contain panels. Therefore, you'll have to purchase the solar panel separately.

In one word it's an extremely high-end and multi-functional unit that will allow you to improve the doors on your home.

Mighty Mule MM562 Specifications
  • Heavy-duty- weight-tolerant
  • Installation is easy and simple.
  • Dual sense technology – more secure and protective
  • Remote control- user-friendly
  • Compatible with different gates- a wide range of use
  • No solar panel- extra money
  • Unprofessional customer support – not up to the expectations

Mighty Mule MM360 Medium Duty Gate Operator

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In contrast to the previously mentioned Mighty Mule models, MM360 is designed specifically for small or housing gates for farms. It's medium-duty and mostly is used for middle-sized gates. In particular, the Single gate opener can handle up to 16 feet in length and can handle weights up to 550lbs. Therefore, owners with big heavy doors can avoid the gate opener.


In terms of installation, just like the other models, this is also a very easy one. The model includes an installation kit that includes the necessary hardware along with specific instructions and a vivid installation DVD. Buyers who are less green will be able to install it easily using useful tools. If you have problems, reach out to the 24/7 technical support to get help.

Furthermore, it has a one-button remote that permits users to control the solar gate openers from a distance. It is practical and convenient if you're sitting in your vehicle, you can operate it using the remote without stepping off.

Furthermore, the model is equipped using dual sensing technology which provides additional security and protection.

Additionally, it comes with its own AC transformer. With the help of the transformer, the electric swing solar gate opener powered by solar will stand up to 145 backup cycles improving the performance.

The battery, however, isn't part of the package, so the owners must purchase it separately.

In conclusion, as this model is made for doors of moderate size owners with medium-sized gates should take the opportunity.

Mighty Mule MM360 Specifications
  • Medium-duty is a good fit for small farms.
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • Dual sense technology – more secure and safer
  • A remote control user-friendly
  • To be used with different gates. Wide range of use
  • No battery-extra money
  • Remote ranges that are weather-dependent – in the assumption

USAutomatic Sentry 300 Solar Gate Openers

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Its USAutomatic Sentry 300 solar gate openers are a great choice to open and shut your gates.

Sentry 300 solar gate opener Sentry 300 commercial grade gate opener was made to run on a 12VDC battery with two options for charging. The first one is completely independent of the grid since it has a solar system (qualified for a 30% federal tax credit) which requires no wiring and comes with mounting hardware. In contrast, the second option recharges the battery by drawing grid power through the connection with the help of an AC transformer.

Furthermore, the kit contains Two LCR Dual button transmitters that let the gate be opened from the comfort of your vehicle. A second permanent wireless button is placed a few feet from the gate to unlock it.

This solar gate opener comes with linear actuators that are capable of providing up to 400lbs. of thrust and an ounce of compression capacity of 1000 pounds.

In terms of open and closing times typically, they're around 16 seconds, with no variations due to the weight of the gate. The automatic Sentry is also able to function as an electric farm gate opener since it can be used up to 20 feet in length

USAutomatic Sentry 300 Specifications
  • Sensors for Obstaclesmake it safer
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • Two charging options are available to provide alternative options
  • Remote transmitters- user-friendly
  • Ideal for various gates- large range of use
  • No batteries- extra money
  • It is noisy, as per the expectations

Homeland Hardware Single Swing Solar Gate Openers

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If you own one or two swing gates and require an opener powered by solar This model is an excellent choice. The single-swing solar gate opener is manufactured from Homeland Hardware, and it is designed specifically for single swing gates and is not compatible with gate wheels. In a way, it is a high-end model for doors.

This gate is extremely durable. It is designed for dual swing gates of up to 18 feet long and can withstand weights up to 800 pounds. It is awe-inspiring, as the model has soft start and stop functions that allow you to close and open the door safely and quietly.

Furthermore, the fact that it is one of the top options available is the fact that it operates efficiently. It comes with two Solar Panels which work with 20-watt batteries. By using these panels the gate opener for the solar panel can be charged efficiently and speedily.

One of the most interesting features it has to offer is the obstruction sensor that it comes with. By using this feature, it is possible that the gate opener solar can automatically decide to reverse or stop the door if something hinders it from closing. So, the users can rest if vehicles or other obstructions are hinders its operation.

The batteries, however, aren't part of the package and require users to purchase 2 12V batteries.

Overall it's a good solar gate opener that is reliable and offers a variety of functions, as well as safety features.

Homeland Hardware Single Swing Solar Gate Openers Specifications
  • Sensor for obstacles- safer
  • Installation is easy and simple.
  • Panels are included and ensure efficiency of charging
  • Key to emergency release- safe
  • Digital display- clear running status
  • No batteries- extra money
  • Incompatible with slide gates with a limited

Topens AD5S Dual Swing Solar Gate Opener

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Topens utilizes technology to design robust and reliable automatic solar gate openers. Topens has created a solar gate opener that can manage gates with medium duty.

With this opener for gates, it will be able to close or open gates that measure sixteen feet in length and weigh as much as 500 pounds. This is suitable for any dual swing gates as well as driveway gates. The controller is equipped with two DC motors with 24V which draw less power.

Its AD5S electric gate is powered using a 24V battery. Its components are made from robust materials. The arms are made from die-casting aluminum, which gives them an extended operating time. Additionally, the control box comes with water-proof features.

Topens has fitted this automated gate opener with sophisticated features. As you close the gate, the gate opener detects the presence of obstructions. It then stops the movement of the gate and then opens it once more. It comes with an adjustable auto-close feature. It is possible to set a time between 3 and 120 seconds. It will shut the gate according to the time you have set.

In addition, it comes with additional features, including an embedded microchip that rolls code to a remote controller, an adjustable force to stall, and a maximum time for motor operation in the range of 40 minutes.

This solar gate opener comes with various control options. It includes an M12 remote, ET24 gate lock, as well as a TKP3 Wireless Keypad. You can utilize any of these devices to control your gate. Additionally, it comes with the ability to manually release keys for the gate to be operated in the event of a power interruption.

When installing the system, you can choose between an open-to-close or pull-to-open system. The kit includes enough tools and accessories to set up the gate opener on your own. You don't need to employ welding equipment or high-voltage electricity to set up the system.

The solar gate opener comes with a 12-month warranty. In addition, you can return to get a full refund or swap it out in 30 days. The brand offers excellent and reliable customer service to assist you in your search.

  • Ideal for double swing gates as well as driveway gates
  • The timer can be set to auto-close and the stall force
  • Soft start and stop feature with soft
  • Three gate control options to control the gate
  • Key to release manually
  • Two options for installation – pull-to-open and push-to-open
  • IP44 Waterproof feature
  • Easy installation. Comes with instructions for installation and the required hardware
  • Warranty only for 12 months
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty gates.

Fister Automatic Solar Gate Openers

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The next automated solar gate opener that is we have on the list comes from the well-known brand Fister. This gate is perfect for those who would like an automated gate but do not have a power outlet on the location.

It's equipped with two 7Ah batteries along with two solar panels as well as an electric transformer. The gate opener can be used for light gates that are basic. It comes with two charging options which include solar-powered as well as battery backup.

The remote controls have a wide coverage that extends to up to 50 meters. This means you can shut or open the gate door without leaving your car. It also comes with a working timer with adjustable pedestrian mode as well as an automatic closing timer.

To ensure safety For safety, it has solid limit switches as well as buffer rubber stops that stop and return if blocked and an emergency key release in the event of a power outage. It performs well even in extreme conditions.

This product comes with a 12 month of warranty on all parts replacement.

  • Two installation modes
  • Durable stainless steel double gate opener
  • IP55 waterproof
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Different working modes
  • It isn't easy to install.

E8 400MM Stainless Automatic Gate Opener

Gate Opener
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Key Features:

  • It is suitable for pull to open as well as push to open configurations.
  • Opener for dual swing gates
  • 3 remotes with dual buttons included

Key Specifications:

  • 20-watt solar panel
  • 7AH lead-acid battery
  • Rate of transformers 110VAC/16VAC

The E8 400MM stainless Heavy-duty solar gate opener has been developed to support maximum capacity and weight, allowing for double swing gates.

It can open two leaves that are up to 26 feet in length or with a weight of 1200lbs, fitted with a screw-driven system, which increases safety and reliability. Furthermore, this dual gate opener has an AC/DC option to ensure battery backup in event of power blackouts and additionally shares solar power compatibility by incorporating the small 20-watt PV panel.

This gate opener kit comes with several components, including the receiver, which has three remote transmitters with dual buttons. Also included is a transformer that can run at 110V/16V and one lead-acid battery with a 7AH capacity. model to ensure maximum independence from the grid.

You'll find a control box with an easy wiring diagram that is used to make installation simple and two linear actuators made of stainless steel.

Be aware of this: the E8 double swing gate opener was specifically designed to be installed on gates that have a pull-to-open feature or push-to-open option and it can be installed on chain link and farm tube gates as well iron, and aluminum gates.

Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B Gate Opener Upto 30′

Gate Opener
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Key Features:

  • Sliding gate opener
  • AC and DC are compatible
  • The transmitter and receiver are both included. also included

Key Specifications:

  • Weight capacity: 1,000 pounds
  • Length capacity: 30 feet long
  • Compatible with 24AH battery kit

Mighty Mule also manufactures sliding solar gate openers. The MMSL2000B model is one of the most effective options you can pick for sliding gates.

This kit includes all the elements you require to get your gate opener operating with the sun as a second and primary source of energy. In addition to the other items included, you'll get radio receiver batteries that are pre-installed as well as an entry transmitter mounting hardware, as well as an AC transformer to power grid connection.

Gate Opener

Most sliding gate models (chain link tubular steel and wooden) can be used with this automated opener. This gate opener's capacity can reach as high as 1,000 pounds of gate weight and up to 30 feet of length (assuming an opening of 20 feet. opening). Additionally, the gate opener has adjustable obstruction sensing and is compatible with various accessories like safe loops and intercoms phones and wands.

The Mighty Mule MM-SL2000B is also solar-friendly and is compatible with 10-watt solar panels made by the company, as well as the battery kit with 24AH capacity.

VEVOR Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

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If you've got a massive gate, take a look at OrangeA Slider Gate Opener AC600. It was designed specifically for gates that weigh a lot. It can withstand up to 1400lbs of weight. This is awe-inspiring and exciting to those with extremely large doors.

First of all, it has a power output of 200W while the power source is 110V AC 60Hz. With this large power output and input, it can operate well and efficiently.

Additionally, the model features a high-speed speed of motion of 43 feet per minute. Users can experience the speedy opening and closing experience. It's practical. It has four electronic gate opener remotes that slide that include open, close, and stop controls that offer a huge reach: 100 feet. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a malfunctioning control even on the road in your vehicle.

Additionally, it comes with numerous security features. It comes with an adjustable soft opening and stops function that enhances the security of individuals as well as pets and facilities. In addition, it has an emergency-release key that you can open the gate with your hands to ensure that a blackout or power outage occurs.

Gate Opener

The downside is that solar panels and batteries aren't included. This means you'll have to shell out more to buy solar panels and batteries.

In the end, even though the budget may be slightly more but it's extremely powerful and professional. Therefore, gate owners with large gates must not overlook the opportunity to use them.

VEVOR Automatic Sliding Gate Opener-Specification
  • Ultra-weight-duty- suits big gates
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • Multiple safety features, which add security
  • Key for emergency release-safe
  • Remote control with four buttons – easy and adaptable
  • No batteries- extra money
  • Solar panels are not included in the budget. bigger budget

How Does A Solar-Powered Gate Opener Function?

An automatic gate opener solar kit is made up of several parts that together allow you to build an automated system that allows for the closing and opening of the gates.

The most important part includes a linear actuator. This electrical and mechanical mechanism is built using the internal DC motor which is powered by DC. When the electric current hits its stator in the DC motor and generates an electric field, movement occurs on the shaft. The rotational rotor accelerates which makes the internal mechanism comprised of multiple gears produce the swing motion that the gate demands.

The electrical supply of this device is controlled by a different component known by the name of the control board. The control board controls all sensors (working with the same mechanism as the sun motion light) and also serves as the control mechanism that allows you to initiate closing and stopping the gate. The control board controls the energy flow coming through the solar panel, the battery, and the AC feed line that powers the motor in DC.

Additionally, the two other elements include the solar panel as well as the DC battery. The lead-acid battery is typically an 8V model that is placed in a box to keep lead acids from causing damage to a control device. The PV module is positioned on the top part of the gate (not an element that moves) to harness solar energy and generate electricity.

Once you have a basic understanding of the basics of the process and the basic components, you can understand the entire process.

First, the power from the solar module is continuously delivered to the control board to charge the battery and cut down on usage from the grid.

The second source of power that comes through an AC cable connected onto the controller board can be utilized to supplement the grid energy to recharge the battery and then activate the linear actuator whenever needed.

In the event of a power blackout, the gate opener goes in a stand-alone state, relying on the power supplied through the PV module to operate the gate opener.

How to Choose a Solar Gate Opener

Gate Opener


One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the capability for the opener solar.

Each manufacturer has its guidelines to ensure the safe and proper working of the linear actuator, which is related mostly to weight and length. The linear actuator is equipped with an integral DC motor with the capacity to handle maximum torque.

The mechanical force that this motor can deliver is restricted by the configuration of the motor and, therefore any excess of its capacity to open the gate won't enable an effective operation.

They are classified by their capacity as lightweight heavy-duty, and medium-duty based on the dimensions and weights they can handle. Check the specifications of your gate based on these aspects and ensure the gate opener you choose can take on the weight or length of your gate.

Be aware that capacity typically refers to the maximum length or weight, but not the combination of both (your gate is not able to be the weight with the maximum length simultaneously). Check out the chart on Ghost Controls to have a more understanding of the differences between weights and lengths.

Types of Gate Openers

The other thing you should consider is the function of gates openers.

The gate opener kits have been created to serve specific needs. There are generally four kinds of gates openers available:

  • Solar gate openers with single swings
  • Two swing solar gate openers
  • Single slide solar gate openers
  • Dual slide solar gate openers

The first two are designed for gates that require the use of torque to follow a semi-circular pathway to open or close in pull or push methods. The primary difference between them is based on whether you've installed one or two gates.

In addition, an electric sliding gate opener functions with mechanisms where the gate opens to the exact direction that it is set. Single or dual gate options are offered.

Additional Features

There are other aspects related to gate openers that you should take into consideration when making an informed choice.

Gate opener kits can differ greatly from each other, and the accessories for each gate could differ. Some kits could contain batteries, dual or even triple remotes Others may offer the battery on its own and only include one remote.

You can buy the parts on their own, but it's usually easier to get everything you need in the same kit.

How Many Watts Are Required For The Solar Dual Gate Opener?

Gate Opener

Solar gate openers comprise two primary parts: the cells and panels that generate solar energy.

In general, the solar gate openers are made to work with batteries of 12V and 7Ah. In between these solar panels and batteries you will find a controlled panel that continuously recharges the battery by using solar energy. Additionally, charging can be accomplished by making use of AC electricity from the grid, and an AC transformer, which is attached to the controller board, which changes the AC to DC signals to allow battery charging.

Because most gate openers use an AC connection and rely on solar power in the case in event of a power interruption and therefore the requirement to invest in higher-watt solar panels isn't really necessary. With a 5 watt or 10-watt solar panel, you'll be able to keep the battery in operation and the gate operating for while the power interruption lasts.

But, there are situations where the installation of the low voltage cable from the closest AC power source to the control panel could cost too much. This is the situation for solar-powered electronic fence charging devices that are usually located in farms or other areas where there is no electricity access. In this scenario, the solar gate would be able to operate only with DC power from the battery as well as the PV module.

To summarize the size of the module you'll need, you can use the following formula:

When you combine the voltage and energy of the battery you've decided to install, add the wattage of the module that you can buy. The time you get must be less than 8 hours and, ideally, less than 6 hours to ensure that the gate is operating solely on solar energy. Similar principles apply to other solar devices for your home.

What Type Of Gate Opener You Should Purchase To Swing Gates?

It is primarily based on the number of leaflets you own. If you only have one leaf gate, you'll have to purchase an item specifically made specifically for the single swing gates.

However, in the case where your door has two leaves, you'll need to buy an automatic gate opener with dual swings that are suitable for your requirements.

Additionally, you'll have to be sure that the gate you choose is compatible with the size and weight of the door gate.

One of the most popular models you can pick is the Mighty Mule model. This model is intended for heavy-duty use with a maximum weight of 850lbs. and an 18-foot long length capacity It is designed for heavy-duty use with a capacity of 18 feet long.

MM560 can be used in almost every configuration, making it the best model you can choose to open gates with a single gate. Additionally, the Ghost Controls TDS2XXP solar heavy-duty double gate opener can be the ideal alternative for those who have two gates.

What Kind Of Gate Opener You Should Buy For Sliding Gates?

Gate Opener

In the same way, you have two choices in sliding gate openers. You can choose an opener for sliding gates that is solar with the single-mode (most popular kind) or opt for dual slide gate openers (less typical).

Remember that, as with the swing gate openers you must consider the length and weight capacity of the item.

In general slide gates usually require more power than a comparable swing gate because the traction needed for slide gates is usually greater than the torque needed in swing gates. This means that swing gates are more suitable for solar-powered products.

This is the reason you'll find greater solar swing gate openers than solar gate openers for slide gates.

Based on this it is highly recommended to pick the correct size gate opener for sliding that you require. The dual slide opener MM-SL2200B is an excellent option to look into from Mighty Mule.

3 Tips To Prevent Wear And Damage That May Occur On Your Gate Opener

Gate Opener

Be aware of these guidelines whenever you are thinking about making repairs to the solar gate opener:

Find a battery case

Batteries designed for these kinds of applications typically are 12V auto lead-acid batteries. This means that you need to be aware of the lead acids that could escape the batteries.

After a while, the battery can release harmful gasses that can damage any wiring or controllers you be able to locate near the battery. Manufacturers usually offer solutions to this issue, such as the Ghost Controls ABBT2 ABBT2 battery box Kit, which is isolated by the controller board.

If the configuration of your solar gate doesn't allow this you can maintain the battery regularly by cleaning the battery's terminals and changing it out every 4 to 5 years.

Make sure to keep the solar-powered gate opener tidy

The pull and push tubes of the solar automated gate opener should be kept clean and lubricated to ensure optimal performance. With a soft sponge and silicon spray, you can clean the tube once-twice a month.

Additionally, in the winter months be aware of the amount of snow that is accumulating close to gates. For swing gates, the accumulation of snow can increase the force that will require more effort from the motor DC. Therefore, if you maintain the pathway as clear as you can, your system should not be a problem when it comes to opening the gate in winter.

In addition, the solar panel is also an important item that needs to be cleaned. Snow, dust, and even droppings of birds that are deposited on the panel's surface could significantly reduce the performance. Be aware that because the PV modules are tiny that the effect of soiling them is more significant than with regular size models. Examine the module each at least once a week and clean it with a gentle cloth and water.

Make sure that bugs are kept out

Solar gates will likely be installed in large, open areas, particularly with gates for farms.

Snails, slugs, and spider webs could create an environment that is humid and could harm circuits and electronic components. Make sure to keep them out with insect repellents and items that will help keep moisture away from the control box.

Final Thoughts


There are plenty of excellent solar gate openers available for sale to satisfy every need. If you've made the decision that you'd like to get one, but you're having difficulty picking, one of the choices in our evaluation is a good place to begin your look.

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