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Are you struggling to find the most efficient solar charger for RVs? It's crucial to realize that you're not alone, since many owners of rigs struggle with this issue. There are many moving parts, which can cause an abundance of confusion than is necessary.

But, I'm hoping to address these issues by helping you navigate every step of the process. This guide will cover a variety of crucial topics, like determining factors to consider when buying, the advantages, and which one is best for your requirements.

These discussions should provide buyers with the necessary information to make a good purchasing decision. Stay tuned, and I'll ensure that the entire process is completed with the perfect purchase.

What are Solar Charge Controllers?

Solar Charge Controllers regulate the voltage to prevent your batteries from charging too much. At night the solar charge controller for RV solar will ensure that the deep cycle batteries don't get supplied excessively by the solar energy system which could damage the internal components of the battery bank.

If the sun is gone the solar charge controller for RV solar ensures that there isn't anysolar power flowing in the reverse direction to your solar panels the reverse currents are blocked.

It is an integral part of your solar system in general. Without a solar charge controller, you could suffer irreparable harm to your battery and a shorter life span for the solar panels.

Types of Solar Charge Controller

The amount of solar charge controllers for solar energy system designed for recreational vehicles is certainly overwhelming, however, all models can be divided into three categories including PWM, Shunt, and MPPT.

  • Shunt Charge Controls (On/Off): With limited capabilities and features, Shunt charge controllers are often to be regarded to be the most fundamental option for the solar system. When in use, models of this kind simply stop charging when the battery's charge is at an amount. The simple nature of shunt controllers lets them work in various conditions with ease.
  • PWM charge controllers (Pulse width modulation): Able to bring batteries to their maximum capacity and keep them at a constant charge level by utilizing slow charges, charge controllers with PWM excel in keeping batteries charged up. This is why models like these earn praise from those who enjoy traveling by RV regularly.
  • MPPT Charge Controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracking): Thanks to the incredible efficiency and ability to manage large currents Charge controllers using MPPT offer a thorough account of themselves in complex and large-scale installations. Furthermore, as they are equipped with a variety of safety features Models of this kind come with reassuring operating records.

Best Solar Charge Controllers For RV

Because of their preferences, RVers will choose different models in the search for the most efficient solar charger that is suitable for their RV. However, if you are in the position where you're looking to maximize your value it is recommended to look over the following models.

What unit is the ideal solar charger for your RV solar depends on several aspects that include your budget, the frequency you stay in camp, and whether you travel all year throughout the year or usually camp during the summer months when there is more sunlight in the sun, and the dimension of your solar panel?

So, if you're not sure what to look for in solar charge controllers that you can buy for your RVs, skip to the next section to discover more about the most crucial buying requirements. If you're an expert then dive into our hand-picked list of the top solar charge controllers for RVs that you can buy in 2022.

These models have been selected due to their versatility based on specs and also for their demonstrated track records that are based on extensive solar charge controller for RV reviews by veteran campers across the globe. There's something for everyone here regardless of budget or requirements for capacity.


Renogy Rover Li 40 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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You shouldn't be shocked to find another Renogy considering the performance of their two previous models which are on the list. The Renogy Rover 40-amp Solar Charge Controller for RV 12V/24V stands out from the two other models with MPPT technology.

So, customers are likely to get higher quality outcomes with this device than earlier Renogy choices. I was also impressed by the ability of the device to be compatible with both 24V and 12V battery systems.

The four-stage process of charging can benefit both types of systems in a significant way. It's compatible in conjunction with the device's ability to adjust for temperature so that your battery's lifetime will last longer. In addition, it'll boost the overall performance of your solar system.

Also, this model can be used with many deep cycle batteries such as gel, flooded, lithium, and sealed. It's evident that this model comes from Renogy is fully equipped to use its excellent MPPT technology in a variety of situations with no issue.

Apart from these features, the device is equipped with everything I've come accustomed to from a charger from this manufacturer. The features include an LCD screen as well as LED indicators, aluminum heat sinks, as well as Bluetooth ability.

I haven't found any missing features that I'd like to have in this model. The brand did a great job of covering every aspect of what a rig's owners might require in solar charge controllers. It's not a bad thing that it's easy to set up and operate, too.

However, I was shocked to read that Renogy receive poor reviews about its customer care. There are only a few complaints, but it's something I was not expecting to see due to my previous experiences with the company.


WindyNation P30L PWM RV Solar Regulator Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The first item we have includes our first product, the WindyNation P30L PWM LCD RV Solar Regulator Control is one of the best solar charge controller and a great product with a variety of features that anyone with benefit from having a solar power system. gain from. It can monitor the temperature of your battery, which will ensure that your RV's battery will not be undercharged or overcharged.

The sensor for your battery achieves this feat by adjusting the setting for charging according to the temperature of your battery. By doing this, it stops two issues that are pressing that are plate sulfation as well as excessive water loss from causing damage too.

I also noticed that I also found the LCD digital display to be extremely attractive because it allows you to track every step of the charging. It will provide all the information you'll require about voltage, amperage and temperature, load control, and more.

This means that you'll be aware of what's happening during your charging procedure. It is safe to know the numerous layers of protection. It is equipped with preventative measures to protect against short-circuiting, overloads, and reverse direction.

Its popularity and the fact that its customers were satisfied with its ease of use was another feature I found fascinating. Its setting options are easily adjustable via the up, mode as well as the down button on its LCD screen.

For someone who isn't an expert in electronic gadgets, a simple use procedure such as this is always appreciated. In the end, products can come with every feature in the world, but if you're unable to understand how to use them, it's of no use.

Thankfully, issues like this will not be a problem due to this device's straightforward use procedure. The best part is that all these features are offered at a low cost. There's nothing else you could want from a product as good as this one. 
I would like it to be waterproof however since this could be an issue depending on your specific RVing situation. I'm always checking that the charger I buy is waterproof, in case there is a chance that something happens.

WindyNation P30L PWM RV Solar Regulator Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Battery temperature sensor
  • LCD digital display
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple levels of protection
  • Usable with various battery types
  • Doesn’t have waterproof capabilities


Renogy Wanderer Li 30A 12V PWM Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM solar charge Controller for RV solar isn't able to get a better reputation for rig owners who make use of solar energy system. It's equipped with a variety of functions that can make the use of this renewable energy in a much more efficient way.

One of the best examples is the LED indicators that alert users to the battery's pivotal information and the status of their charge. The lights will make sure that you know exactly what's going on with your battery's charge when it's charging.

I also was a huge fan of this product's lithium mode. This feature offers the versatility that many other PWM options don't offer. In the end, this mode lets the solar charge controller for RV utilize a wide range of 12V battery bank and models, including most 12V lithium models.

The interface that is easy to use is another great feature. Many customers made it a priority to mention how easy using the device was in comparison with other devices. Being a person who appreciates simplicity the praise I received was attractive.

It's easy to use when you add the RS232 port of the device, which lets users link to the Renogy's Bluetooth module. This feature gives you the advantage of monitoring and controlling everything on your smartphone via an application.

However, none of these features could even match the top one, the price. It's not likely to come across numerous solar charge controllers that are capable of providing high-quality results at this price. It's always pleasant to find an affordable price when looking for a product like this one.

I was dissatisfied to find that this model did not come with an integrated temperature sensor for batteries. But, it does come with an interface for one and you'll be able to purchase that sensor separately. It's a bit of an issue, but this product's reasonable price could make it worth the effort.

Renogy Wanderer Li 30A 12V PWM Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • LED indicators
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Usable with multiple battery types
  • 4-stage charging system
  • Various levels of protection
  • Affordable
  • Longevity concerns


Renogy Adventurer Li 30A 12V/24V

Solar Regulator
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If you do not have huge energy requirements, it is possible to go to a PWM solar charge controller to save a few dollars.

Renogy's Adventurer model can be charged by any type of battery and also connect to your devices using Bluetooth an uncommon feature in PWM solar charge controllers.

The solar charge controller was designed to be able to be easily mounted on wall space in your RV and an easy-to-read monitor on it will let you know the state of your battery.

It is also among the very few solar charge controllers to manage 24V solar systems.

With all the unique features it's not surprising to expect a higher cost however, this Pulse width Modulation Controller is affordable enough to be ranked as our top Pulse width Modulation Controller.

Renogy also included the self-diagnostic feature its most significant solar charge controllers are famous for their ability to ensure seamless operation.


HQST 10Amp 12V/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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Another product that anyone who is looking for an excellent solar charge controller ought to think about is the HQST Solar Charge Controller. Other buyers have the same opinion since it's among the most requested products on the market.

The rise in its popularity isn't a surprise considering features like the ability to charge various electronic devices using its USB output of 5V and 1A. This output lets you charge devices like your laptop, phone tablets, and many other devices using this device.

Cool, isn't it? The impressive features don't end there. This model comes with an LCD that is simple to operate and understand. This screen will make the entire process much more simple that even someone with a weak electronic background like I am could do it without assistance.

The control of light was a different feature that this device offered that I found useful. This feature can help to ensure that your batteries are fully charged even in the absence of daylight. It will switch on the source of light when there's no sun. This will supply the batteries in your RV with the energy they require.

If the sun comes back out, the source of light will be automatically turned off, while solar panels perform the task. It's also useful to know that it comes with multiple layers of protection from things like over-discharge, overcharge backup connection, short circuits, and overloads.

The thermostat for the temperature in your battery can be a great addition and has the same reasons that are already discussed in reviews elsewhere. It's not even enough to mention that the product is inexpensive too. It's an excellent solar charge controller that will get the job completed.

 There was one small problem I noticed a few customers had on this particular device. The customer support was often in the negative reviews This isn't something you would want to hear when dealing with devices like this.

HQST 10Amp 12V/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • LCD screen
  • Light control feature
  • Variety of uses
  • Affordable
  • Customer service issue


Xantrex 40-amp Solar Charge Controller

Charge Controller
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It is the Xantrex 40 amp Solar Charge Controller that does its job without causing any difficulties or problems. This is because of its reputation for the speedy and simple installation procedure.

I was a bit surprised by the ease of use since this model has several sophisticated features. However, the directions were clear, concise, and easy to follow even for a person who's not great at electronics, like me.

In addition to this easy installation, I was also satisfied with the product's powerful microprocessor, which increases the battery's life and extends its lifespan. You'll feel secure knowing this is designed using stability as a primary goal and is quiet in operating frequency.

The 3-stage battery charging cycle is a different appealing feature. This process will ensure that your battery's current settings and voltage are in line with the state of charge of your battery precisely. This means that the charging process will run as quickly as it can and keep your battery in good shape for a long time.

It is a good idea to be comfortable with this product's compliance with both the safety standards of UL as well as cUL and cUL safety standards. The certifications show that the product was tested extensively before it was released to the market. This is a further safety measure to ensure that nothing hazardous is triggered by its use.

Customers will be impressed by the ability of this product to operate with 12V, 24V as well as 48 V systems. In each of these cases, PWM technology from the product has proven to be superior for monitoring the charging of a solar panel.

It was quite alarming to read some reviews that complain about its durability. The product is said to begin suffering from durability issues after a couple of years of continuous usage. This isn't the ideal situation, but it's one of the top solar charge controllers that can be controlled by PWM.


Victron MPPT Smart Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The most technically modern model on this listing is Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller. It is also high-end technology it shouldn't be a shock to find it comes with characteristics that set it apart from the competitors.

The primary thing that distinguishes this product from others is the use of Bluetooth which lets you monitor and control this solar charge controller from your smartphone or other similar devices. This means that you can operate this model anywhere.

In the same vein, this product also provides users access to Victron Remote Management Portal when the installation is connected to the internet. This gives you all the solar power you need to operate this device, regardless of location or time.

These features ensure that you don't miss the chance of charging the RV's battery on a sunny day. I like the fact that this is the first MPPT-type solar charge controller on this list. This kind of technology ensures that you don't squander any power from your solar panels.

The three PWM models before this device. They can only charge your battery until you've reached the voltage required This means that the energy generated beyond this point will be wasted. A MPPT device can store the excess energy to be used for future use.

The Victron product is also a winner due to its innovative load output function which helps prevent the damage caused by batteries with a flat battery. This is another feature that will ensure the battery's lifespan is as long as it is possible.

The battery life feature isn't something to be missed either. This feature will ensure that the SmartSolar will attempt to achieve an uninterrupted recharge each day. If it fails to connect, it'll shut off voltage each day, until the battery is fully recharged. This is vital since it'll prolong your battery's life and ensure that it's in good condition.

All of these features are available at a price. This is the cost of this product. It's certainly one of the highest-priced alternatives on this list.

Victron MPPT SmartSolar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Victron Remote Management Portal
  • Intelligent load output function
  • Battery life feature
  • Uses MPPT technology
  • 5-year warranty
  • Expensive


Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100V 50 amp Solar Charge Controller (Bluetooth)

Solar Regulator
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Are you interested in the concept of BlueSolar which is part of Victron Energy but wants more capacities and features? It is highly recommended that you have a look into Victron Energy SmartSolar. With 50 amps this capacity SmartSolar allows it to take in and control the large flow of electricity generated by large solar arrays with ease. With enhanced monitoring and harvesting capabilities, the solar charge controller from Victron Energy also optimizes the battery's charging speed as light intensity fluctuates throughout the day.

Its compact design makes Victron Energy SmartSolar smoothly squeezes into small corners, which helps people who are interested in RVing save space. Its Victron Energy solar charge controller is also light, so getting it in position will be easy. By observing the LEDs on SmartSolar it's easy to stay informed regarding the progress of charging. In addition, since Victron Energy SmartSolar possesses integrated Bluetooth connectivity, it can effortlessly connect with a range of mobile devices. This will eliminate the need for being close to watch.

In comparison to conventional charging controllers that are used to charge solar panels for motorbikes, SmartSolar of Victron Energy is quite costly. However, the features of SmartSolar are comparable to its price as well. Victron Energy backs its controller with an outstanding guarantee.

I bought it to power my first solar installation at 600 watts on a cargo trailer that I converted into an RV in the spring of the year 2018. The unit was so simple and simple to set up to use, that I bought another Victron to use as one of the components of my "identical identical" solar array that I've put in my home to power my PC and television. (Yes the review is written using electricity from solar sources.)

It's insanely simple! My only complaint is that it's too little for me to deduct the star, but I would like to center it around the mobile app. (In my case, it's the Apple version.) It's a great, well-organized application, but... first when you're running multiple solar charge controllers located in multiple locations as I do, then you'll need to close the app completely when you check them, or else the app appears to get confused and not identify the second controller.  

Additionally, I would like that the phone would "remember" at the very least the last time it downloaded data to keep the controller's information from the trailer's array to review later. Now, I'm forced to stand in the sun and look at the array's performance in the past and other data at the moment, since it's only accessible while the Bluetooth is connected.

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100V 50 amp – Pros & Cons

  • Tough
  • Installation is no sweat 
  • Uncomplicated maintenance
  • Poorly-written owner’s manual 
  • The battery selection knob is slippery


Sunway Solar Panels 12V Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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Rig owners who don't plan to utilize their solar power all of the time may consider purchasing Sunway Solar Panels 12V Solar Charger. It's an easy and practical device that is capable of monitoring the charging process of your solar system effortlessly.

Many buyers will be pleased with the ease of this product's installation process. This is due to its plethora of fast connect or disconnecting clips. The clips make sure that attaching the controller to the panel and batteries does not require the most effort.

I found the product's LED indicators attractive as well. They will alert users when their battery is being a victim of low-voltage (green) and is charging properly (yellow) or is experiencing issues with voltage (red).

The three indicators above make monitoring easier than you would expect on a budget model such as this. The ABS plastic housing is more durable than you would expect also.

I was shocked to see people saying that the product was very tough in their reviews. In truth, a term like tough isn't something I would expect when looking at a bargain buy like this one by Sunway Solar Panels.

The main advantages of this model stem from its simple use and affordable cost. Discount buyers should not be content to let this deal slip by. It's nearly too amazing to be true, considering the product's reliability and performance.

I was surprised to find that this didn't include an insulated solar charge controller. It's a little difficult for RV owners. But, the price and the features make this problem worth it.


GHB 20A 12V 24V Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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With convenience to be a priority, GHB Solar Charge Controller is sought-after by those who love to RV and often travel. With the rich content LCD screen of this charge controller made by GHB, users can monitor the details of the charging progress. The backlight is energy efficient, and the LCD of the GHB Solar Charge Controller can be seen when the ambient light changes over time. This is because using the charge controller developed by GHB to monitor the charge of batteries is a piece of cake.

GHB Solar Charge Controller incorporates an indicator for the battery and you will be able to spot problems with connections to the battery quickly. When it is in the course of use, the battery icon in the charge controller from GHB flashes at a rapid rate while the batteries are receiving charges, and then slows down once the capacity is exhausted. Due to its built-in USB ports, GHB solar Charge Controller can charge the battery bank of recreational vehicle, as well as electronic devices used by RVers. Therefore, by purchasing the GHB device, you will be able to easily address the charging requirements.

In terms of security, GHB Solar Charge Controller comes with all-around protections such as short-circuits, over-voltage reserves polarity, lighting, … So in comparison to traditional charge controllers for solar panels for RV available GHB's model GHB is extremely secure.

GHB Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Precise readings 
  • No-nonsense setup process 
  • Solid features and functions 
  • Small wire terminals 
  • Tech support needs to be overhauled 


RICH SOLAR 40-Amp 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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Are you in search of an efficient solar charging controller? RICH SOLAR's 40-Amp 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller is a perfect fit for your requirements to perfection. It can detect both 24V and 12V DC system voltages and is highly efficient.

This model also works with a variety of deep cycle batteries, such as liquid, flooded, and sealed. This device is capable of a broad range of applications for solar charge controllers.

There's even a choice about amperage since this is available in three versions 20-amp, 30amp, and 40-amp. RICH SOLAR made an effort to ensure that their product would work in the most diverse scenarios feasible.

However, if the product was not efficient, then none of this flexibility would be of any use. It's not the case with our product, since it utilizes MPPT technology. This technology lets the device deliver a maximum power point tracking efficiency of at least 100% which is the highest level among these devices.

It also benefits from its general design made of die-cast aluminum. The design will keep all components cool to minimize the chance of overheating. There's no reason to think that this product is going to suffer from any issues with durability when it comes to the design of this.

I was very pleased with this device's RS232 port. It lets users use Bluetooth communication. Like other options, this one also ensures that users can manage the device using an app that you have installed on your phone.

I was very pleased with this device's RS232 port. It lets users use Bluetooth communication. Similar to other ports this one also ensures that users can manage the device using an app that you have installed on your phone.


EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V 24V Auto

Solar Regulator
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The EPEVER MPPT charge Control is among the most efficient products we've seen on the market. This model boasts performance of up to 99.5 percent through the use of the latest MPPT technology that is not often seen in similar products.

This model has the highest conversion rate of 98% so you can be sure that this model maximizes the power it receives from solar panels to power your equipment. In light of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from this review of the MPPT charge controller, I'm confident to say it's a success in this regard.

Another feature that this device has is the capability to monitor the progress of the controller through your computer. It gives real-time information on the effectiveness of the device's working. It's yet another way that this model will aid you in keeping track of the solar system in your RV's effectiveness.

Additionally, the LCD will assist in this way. It will display the information about the device's operation, such as amperage, voltage, and other vital information that shows how well the device is performing.

I have also found the built-in protection for reverse polarity overload, excess, over-discharging reserve current, and short-circuiting attractive. It seems to be nothing that this device isn't prepared for with all the protection measures.

However, despite all the good points, there are two negatives I have concerning this model. The first is not related to its overall performance, however, the second is expensive. It's way over my budget and I'm sure that many of you will experience similar reactions.  

The other issue has to do with being with the software for computers since there were a handful of complaints regarding the software not working in reviews of customers. None of these issues are significant however they're still enough of an issue to be worth noting.

EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V 24V Auto – Pros & Cons

  • Uses MPPT technology
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • LCD design
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can monitor progress on a computer
  • Expensive
  • Some customers reported issues with the computer software


Go Power! GP-PWM-30A Solar Regulator

Solar Regulator
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The next model we review will return us to the PWM models in charge control systems. This particular model comes with numerous impressive attributes that will make it difficult to recommend to an aspiring customer. The built-in USB charge port is enough to make me exuberant.

This feature offers you the possibility of charging any electronic device using this device, including phones, tablets, laptops, and so on. In turn, it will ensure you get the most value from this device when you decide to purchase it.

I also like that this product guards the batteries against overcharging through its four-stage charging procedure, which incorporates the critical fourth step of equalization. The equalization step makes sure that each cell in each battery bank gets charged at the same speed and ensures that charging too low or overcharging isn't an issue.

The LCD design of the device which displays the amperage, voltage, and level of charge is an excellent feature. This will help you monitor where the battery of your RV is when it's charging.

Simply put anything that provides me with an indication of whether the device is functioning well is a good thing in my book. This LCD provides exactly what I'm talking about. I also feel secure in the fact that this charger has a warranty of 5 years.

A long time on an insurance plan like this one makes me feel confident regarding the trust Valterra has placed in the product. Furthermore, I possess an uncanny ability to smash even the toughest objects; thus the warranty is my number one choice.

However, these incredible features don't come without negatives, too. Many customers complained of screws breaking loose, which raises some doubts about the product's overall quality. Its price is too high for me.

Go Power! GP-PWM-30A Solar Regulator – Pros & Cons

  • 4-stage charging process
  • 5-year warranty
  • Works on various types of batteries
  • Protects against overcharging
  • LCD device display showing amperage, charge level, and voltage
  • Built-in USB charge port
  • Durability issues
  • Expensive


OOYCYOO 12V/24V Auto 40/60/80/100A RV Solar Regulator

Solar Regulator
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It's the OOYCYOO 12V24VAuto Auto 40/60/80/100A PV Solar Regulator is a different MPPT controller which can offer efficient monitoring of the solar system's charging process. It will ensure that the energy generated by solar panels is utilized at their highest efficiency.

In addition to its excellent tracker, customers will also be impressed by its endurance. This is due to the ABS housing which provides resistance to impacts, heat as well as low temperature. I can't think of a scenario in which this model won't live up according to the usual high-end standards.

I was impressed with the cooling teeth made of aluminum and also. This feature is designed to improve heat dissipation. In turn, it will maintain a low operating temperature and minimize the chance of overheating.

Its LCD is a great feature that lets you easily monitor what's going on. It will keep you informed on vital details, including whether the battery or solar panels have been connected to your controller.

There are many additional features I've extensively discussed in our previous reviews. This includes numerous layers of built-in safety features as well as multi-stage charging and being able to work with diverse battery types.

Every one of them only makes this device more efficient and attractive. It's difficult to imagine any RV owner not being satisfied with the features this battery charge controller has to offer. It even lets you choose from nine colors.

However, these great features have an important issue. As you can imagine, the cost of the device is overpriced. It will cost you quite a bit of change to enjoy these amazing features.


ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The AllPowers 20A Solar Charge Controller is one of the most affordable choices that we have listed and will attract the attention of bargain-buyers that are available. Its capabilities aren't bad also.

This model, for instance, has two USB ports, which makes it extremely useful since it can charge many different items. This feature will make sure that you feel confident that you've got the most with this model.

I also like the design of this controller's LCD, which makes users use the device with ease. It is easy to be able to see the entire information that it displays and the buttons enable you to change different modes swiftly.

The installation process appears to be fairly easy, considering the many customer reviews which mention that it's much simpler than other solar charge controllers they've used in the past. Additionally, it provides great heat dissipation, which will ensure that it's operating as efficiently as possible.

The layers of protection will ensure that nothing dangerous happens through its use. This includes over-current protection, inverse connections protection, short circuit protection, overcharge, and low voltage protection.

However, as we've said before the most appealing aspect of the model it's an affordable cost. It is one of the least expensive choices on this list. But there is one problem I noticed at least two times as I was looking over the reviews on this RV solar controller.

This product seems to have problems with its longevity due to it being less durable than others that other customers were hoping for. A complaint about durability isn't an ideal indicator, but I want to point out that this concern was mentioned and found in only a handful of reviews.  

This could be a result of human error due to the way they used or installed the product. Whatever the case, I'd think this product is worth the risk due to the affordable price and the majority of the possible experiences that others have had.

ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Affordable
  • Great heat dissipation
  • USB ports
  • LCD design display
  • Longevity issues


PowMr 60A Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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Another option for bargain-buyers is the PowMr 60A Solar Charge Controller. The device is equipped with an impressive set of functions. For instance, it comes with a simple-to-use and setup process, making the device extremely user-friendly.

Similar to that In the same vein, the huge LCD design that this device provides helps in making the use process as easy as humanly feasible. It will allow you to manage the entire charging process for the RV's battery, while also showing the progress that is being taken.

I also like how this device has the capability of working with a variety of kinds of batteries should you need to swap it for another in the future. This speaks to the potential of this particular charger.

As with other products listed here it comes with multiple levels of security to make sure the safety of your equipment when you use this product. This product's protection, in this case, provides safeguards against short circuits and open-circuit protection as well as overload protection, as well as reverse protection.

It comes with an extended warranty of 2 months. This may not be the longest warranty policy that you've ever encountered however at least the company provided something. With the amount this policy is priced at, it's an absolute miracle they even had any.

Overall, the product that comes from PowMr is an unpretentious, solid product that gets the job done at an affordable cost. However, before you place it in your online shopping cart, you'll notice an issue that was repeated in the reviews of customers that I have to provide.  

There are a lot of negative reviews that mention how getting in touch with customer support was a challenge for them. This is not something you like reading about when you are researching the product.

PowMr 60A Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • 2-month warranty
  • Affordable price
  • LCD design display
  • Fits various battery types
  • Easy to use and install
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Customer service issues


Sunix 20A Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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There's not much extraordinary about our new product, the Sunix 20A Solar Charge Controller. It doesn't come with any unique features that pop from the pages, but the thing it does offer is the ability to perform its task without causing any problems or issues.

It has all the features that you've had enough to hear about. simple installation and use LCD screen, USB ports, multiple layers of protection, and more. That's everything you would expect from a premium solar charger.

It even comes with the essential sensor for the temperature of the battery to ensure that the battery of your RV doesn't get overcharged. In all aspects, the product is just enough to appear superior and unique in its way.

Although it's not equipped with any notable features, there's a point that makes it stand out from the other models in this listing: cost. It's by far the most affordable item mentioned in this piece.

With this in mind, any consumer who purchases a bargain will find this item to be at the very top of their list. It has every feature and performs everything you would are used to from these models however, it doesn't offer great performance.

It's important to consider the fact that this model has an issue that we need to address before you decide to purchase it. A few customers have complained about the long-term durability of the model, and they reported it breaking after just one year of usage.  

However, numerous other reviews that are positive contradict these assertions. Therefore you'll have to consider whether you'll find the low cost and worth taking this risk. I'd be inclined to take it.

Sunix 20A Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Lowest price on this list
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • LCD design display
  • Two USB ports
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Longevity concerns


MidNite Solar CLASSIC 150 Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The final item on the list will be our final choice, the MidNite Solar Classic 150 Charge Controller. Several features set this device above the rest of the models in this list. It, for instance, has an Arc defect detection system.

This particular feature is beneficial as it can detect dangerous electric arcs which could result in dangerous situations like the possibility of a fire. Because of this, you can be sure that this controller will be completely secure.

Another great feature is the ability of this charge controller to operate with a variety of DC output sources. This device is capable of controlling DC inputs from wind turbines, hydro turbines, and PV.

With features like this, it's evident that this model is unique in the market. Its ability to access the power system using an online app that is accessible from any place in the world is yet another characteristic that makes this product above the rest.

That's no reason to doubt that you'll be able to alter the solar system of your RV at any time you want; as such this model offers an amount of control that other options in this list simply can't provide in regards to their ease of use.

The amazing features don't stop there; the device is also covered by an additional warranty. This feature lets you return worn-out parts within six months of when the expiration date of the warranty and have the parts replaced.

After you have received the new components, MidNite Solar will even extend the warranty by two years, which can be great from the customer's point of view. It's also a great satisfaction to know that the product was manufactured in the USA because it must pass strict standards and tests.

All in all, the device is amazing and is a top option on my list, however, there's one thing that isn't a buy-in my opinion: it's an extremely expensive cost. This product is by far the most expensive on the entire list.

MidNite Solar CLASSIC 150 Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Arc fault detection
  • Can access it remotely via the online app
  • Made in America
  • Able to use numerous DC input sources
  • Extended warranty
  • Durable
  • Outrageously expensive


Outback Flexmax 80 FM80 MPPT 80 AMP Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The Outback Flexmax 80 FM80 Solar Charge Controller is the most expensive choice on our list. There's a good reason for the higher cost, as it offers features that the other models can't compete with.

For example, this solar charge controller is programmed to charge voltages of 12 volts up to 60 volts. This level of versatility isn't something many other alternatives can compete with.

It also amazed me by the backlit display of this device with 80 characters. The display will give more details about the state of the process as compared to other controllers. The display will also record information about the performance of the system for an astounding 128 days.

This will ensure that you are aware of everything you need to know about the status of both your battery and solar panels. The device also uses active cooling technology as well as thermal management to ensure that it can provide its highest rating even when temperatures reach the temperature of 104 F.

It's also not surprising that the device's installation and use procedures are simple, too. I found both processes to be easy throughout my time with the product. The instructions included were easy to follow and the reading was helpful.

A majority of customers praised On the Outback's customer support as well it's a rare thing in the world of consumers. To be honest, I could not find anyone willing to leave their customer service a negative review.

I'm just hoping that this item wasn't as expensive as it does. Considering it is everything I'd like in a controller for charging. However, anyone seeking the most effective option can't find a better one with features than the one that this model comes.

Outback Flexmax 80 FM80 MPPT 80 AMP Solar Charge Controller – Pros & Cons

  • Adaptable 
  • Excellent heat dissipation 
  • The user interface is straightforward 
  • Kind of loud 
  • Users complain about the lack of support


One solar 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar Regulator
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The Onesolar 60A MPPT Solar Charger is a strong contender to be crowned the most efficient MPPT charge controller for the price. It can achieve this status thanks to features such as its energy stats feature that's real-time that keeps users aware of the latest information regarding the charging process.

This feature allows users to view operating information and the state of operation for the unit. Its clear and clear LCD is useful in this respect. Both of these features combine in making the model suitable for the user.

I was also enthralled by the product's capability to use the 12V and 24V as well as 48V solar panels. This feature makes the product an ideal tool for a broad range of RV owners. In all of these scenarios, the MPPT technology's use has been far more than adequate.

There's no need to be concerned about safety concerns also since the device comes with built-in safeguards that include reverse polarity, short-circuit overload, over-discharge excessive heating, overcharge, and under-voltage. That's right, everything susceptible to failure is covered in the Onesolar device.

In addition to its remarkable capabilities, I'm thrilled to find that this model offers the option of a few colors. This might not be something to be concerned about however I always find it useful to have different styles to choose from with these kinds of devices. You won't need to worry about things you don't like looking at when you travel.

However, I was frustrated to hear a few customers complain about the durability of their products. These sorts of issues aren't typical of the top brands such as Onesolar. It's worth noting that the majority of other customers were very pleased with their purchase. It's possible these concerns were isolated rather than commonplace.


What to Look for When Buying a Solar Charge Controller for RV

Solar Regulator

Finding an RV solar charger isn't an easy task that requires more thought than one might think. A variety of essential factors be a major factor in choosing the right one to meet your requirements perfectly.

We'll look at these points below to make sure the consumer knows what the top solar charge controllers ought to appear like and provide. In the end, choosing the correct one will be an easier and easy task.

Charge Controller’s Amp Rating

One of the most important things to look at is the amp rating for each item. This factor is crucial since it will tell you the most amps available to your batteries. For instance, a person who has 100-watt solar panels that contain six amps of power would not require a charge controller that was 10 amps.

The result would be having an amperage requirement, that the charge controller would not be able to meet. So the two solar panels would produce 12 amps. The charge controller will only be able to use 10.

This can be an expense and isn't something an owner of a rig wants. I would suggest purchasing solar controllers that have an amp rating that is 25 percent higher than the solar panel's maximum power to prevent this issue.

The 25% wiggle space will allow you to prepare for the event that solar panels generate more energy than they are expected to produce. It happens far more often than most people imagine on their travels. It is important to have all the necessary tools to benefit from it. In addition, the additional 25% of the cost will allow you to install more solar panels down the way.

On/Off Button or Switch

Certain charge controllers don't include one of the best features which is an on/off switch. This may sound like a necessity in design but there are a few alternatives that aren't available. If you're like me, then I'd recommend avoiding these items like the plague.

The reason it is important is easy to comprehend. The on/off switch lets you turn off the device down without having to remove the battery's fuse. This feature makes the use of the device easy for the RV owner.

It is something that no one should ignore during the process. Make sure your selected RV solar charge controller comes with one before purchasing. It's not a choice anyone who owns a rig will regret.


Another aspect to take into consideration is the ability to adjust each product. In my opinion, it's best to ensure that the item you select includes a feature known as an adjustable voltage set point. This feature allows users to tweak the voltage throughout the process of charging the panel based on the type of battery used including gel, AGM, or lead-acid flooded.

Rig owners who are uncertain about the proper voltage to use should call the manufacturer to get more details regarding the battery. They will not have a problem providing the necessary information to make the right adjustment.

However, the addition of an adjustable voltage setpoint can make charging simpler and more efficient. All top-of-the-line options will probably come with this feature within the list of options.

Does It Have a Dry Camp/Shore Power Switch?

For any rig owner, it's smart to search for an option that has the power switch for dry camping or shore. It will allow you to alter the battery's charge setting point between standby mode and maximum power. This means you'll have the ability to increase the effectiveness of your charging process.

Owners of RVs should change to maximum power when they go far from the campground or RV park. In general, max power will be the ideal choice when you're away from an electrical source on the shore.

When you're working with shore power you're better off in standby mode. This option is also helpful when you want to store your gear for long periods, by keeping the batteries. With this information, it is clear how this option is essential for any top-of-the-line option.


Durability is a constant important role when buying products such as solar charge controllers. You'll want the one that can provide great results for years. Because of this, purchasers should consider what components went into the design of their model.

I would suggest you read the product's description as well as customer reviews of each product to evaluate their longevity. These materials should have all the information you require to determine whether or not the product will stand up to the long haul.

What About a Battery Temperature Sensor?

A majority of high-end charge controllers come with designs that include an electronic temperature sensor for the battery. What is this feature? It ensures that your batteries don't get under or overcharged, ensuring the highest efficiency.

Sensors for the temperature of your battery will do this information by looking at your battery's temperature and then altering the setpoint for charging accordingly. This ensures that any issues, like excessive loss of water or plate sulfation, do not show up.

Also, the battery temperature sensor can be a different feature that helps to ensure your batteries are in good shape. It's also a good idea to consider that this feature will help ensure that your batteries are always at a perfect charge level.


The price tag of each product will influence your final decision. Certain solar charge controllers are expensive, which is why having a well-planned budget is essential. It's important to think about what you're looking for from one and then determine a reasonable budget according to your needs.

For instance, a person who is looking to purchase an option that has an electronic temperature sensor for the battery is required to purchase an additional price. The budget you set should reflect this change to ensure that it's real. This tool will help make the whole process more manageable, by limiting your options.

It will be an easier time navigating through the various options. In the end, your budget will help you in selecting the best options that meet your requirements. This will lead to an easier purchasing process.

Which size of solar charger do I require?

Knowing the right size isn't as difficult as you think. It's quite simple. These chargers have ratings according to your solar array's current-voltage (push) and the solar system's current (amps).

The process is all about finding a charge controller capable of handling the volume of current and power generated from your vehicle's solar power system. This will typically result in three different voltage ratings that are 12, 24, and 48.

However, you may encounter charge controllers with ratings of voltage ranging between 6 to 60 volts. In addition, the amperage ratings on these devices may range between 1 to 60 amps. It sounds like a wide spectrum isn't it?

You can trust me; solving this problem isn't hard. For instance, if your system has the solar system you want to use with an output of 12 and an amperage of 14, you will require a controller that is at the very least 14 amps. However, there are additional things to take into consideration including sporadic higher current levels that occur, light reflection, and so on.

In this regard, you'll want to increase the amps by 25%. This will increase the amps that we require of our controller to 17.5 amps. Therefore you need to purchase a solar charge controller with a 20 amp rating(you'll have to round up the number of amps to 17.5).

It is important to note that a charger that has too high an amperage rating isn't going to be of any use. Experts generally recommend buying one that isn't utilizing many amps to take into account the possibility of adding additional solar panels shortly.

Can I use multiple RV solar charge controllers?

Answer to the question easily yes. You can utilize more than one RV solar charger since they all operate on the identical battery bank. Multiple of these devices is required when one charge controller cannot manage the load of your huge solar array.

The controllers will be connected via communication cables. This helps to prevent any problems. The wires would connect these charge controllers in a parallel fashion across the battery bank.



Now you have everything to make an informed and responsible decision about the best solar charge controllers for RV. From here it's an exercise to apply what you've learned to your research.

The process of finding the best one isn't difficult from there. However, if a query or two come up do not hesitate to ask me in our comments section. I'll be sure to respond to your query as fast as I can. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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