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What is SolarPerks™?

SolarPerks™ is a Roofless Solar program offered to customers in select areas of Massachusetts. You receive credits that are applied to your electric bill that reduce what you pay each month. The cost of this program is absolutely ZERO.

Roofless Solar

Roofless Solar is a "Virtual Solar Panel" system for your home that is completely Roofless. You get all the benefits and savings of solar and it's not on your roof.

Don't renovate your home. Roofless Solar is 100% maintenance free. Anyone can participate, even renters!

Frequently Asked Questions

SolarPerks™ is a roofless community solar program offered to select areas of Massachusetts. It is a centralized, commercial grade roofless solar power plant that delivers energy credits directly to your utility bill.
With SolarPerks™, you can go solar for ZERO cost, there are no panels installed on your roof, and you receive savings out of thin air. It's literally roofless solar.
SolarPerks™ roofless program consistently produces real savings for 20 years without the hassle of rooftop solar.
Most homes do not have a large enough roof to fully offset their energy usage. Also be prepared to write a big check upfront and remember the costs can exceed your savings.
No. This is why it's called "Roofless."
No, you don't pay anything out of pocket EVER to participate. Recovery of all program costs are deducted from the savings generated on your utility bill. You simply enroll for free. Call us today to find out how this works.
Your total savings will vary, depending on the size of your virtual roofless system.
If electricity rates increase, your credits increase as well.
If you move within your current utility service area, you will be able to bring the benefits of SolarPerks™ to your new home. Transfers are available twice yearly.

If you move outside your current service area, your SolarPerks™ Agreement can be terminated. Once again, we ask that you provide us 6 months' notice, in order to avoid any early termination charges.

Simply visit www.mysolarperks.com and click "Sign Up now." With our fast, easy online signup process, you can go solar in less than 10 minutes!
SolarPerks™ enables you to go solar completely roofless, without paying anything upfront to participate, and it always saves you money. To make this possible, 100% of the savings from your roofless system are applied to your electric bill each month, immediately reducing or eliminating your monthly electricity expense. We then deduct a payment for the cost of the program from your bank account 45 days later. Like getting a month off of paying your utility bill, every month! This is a great program if you're managing a tight budget or household cash flow. Recovery for the cost of the program is ALWAYS LESS than the credits applied to your bill. Regardless of utility price changes you always save more than you pay!
SolarPerks™ is available to qualifying customers in select National Grid service areas throughout Massachusetts, as well as Eversource customers in northeast and southeast Massachusetts (formerly NSTAR).
Support the growth of a clean energy future in Massachusetts. Sign up today for free!